Joe Biden’s Healthcare Plan and the Medicare-For-All: The real score

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Joe Biden’s Healthcare Plan and the Medicare-For-All: The real score

Dr. Matt Boente believes that Joe Biden’s healthcare plan has the potential to play a transformative role in the current and future healthcare crises of the country.  It has been compared with Medicare-For-All. 

While Biden’s plan may not be as sudden and as all-encompassing as Medicare-For-All, experts say it will be quite a big deal if passed.  Biden even put it bluntly saying that his plan adds a public option to Obamacare as the best way to lower costs and cover everyone.

However, experts have weighed in on this and have agreed that the “public option” is a lot more ambitious than the version of it that was rejected by congressional Democrats in the ACA debate, says Dr. Matt Boente.

Detractors of Biden’s plan liken its public option to a one-size-fits-all system, which may not be what the country needs. The plan is actually quite versatile because it allows people to keep their private insurance plan if they desire. It is important to note, however, that these detractors are comprised of groups that were very much in favor of Obamacare because it ultimately meant more customers or people with health insurance.

Dr. Matt Boente mentions that the main point of comparison between Joe Biden’s plan and Medicare-For-All can be found in the transition period, where the former would, in fact, be more gradual, allowing things to ease in, and would also be less expensive when tax increases are taken into account.  Considering all these things, the fate of Biden’s plan will still be heavily dependent on congressional politics.

There are, however, several interesting details here, such as the downplaying of just how left-wing Biden’s plan is.  It is thought to be several levels more to the left than ACA.  Another intriguing aspect of this is how industry groups will fare if, and that’s a big if, Biden’s healthcare plan is approved.

Dr. Matt Boente has always been intrigued by the rigorous process it takes to become a doctor.  He is also fascinated with other healthcare-related topics such as medical economics.  To know more about Dr. Boente, click this link.


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