How will the Biden healthcare reform help Americans?

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How will the Biden healthcare reform help Americans?

Biden will deliver on healthcare

Dr. Matt Boente has worked as a gynecologic oncologist, academician, and consultant for 27 years. He also worked in the biotech industry for a little over a year at the end of his clinical career.  As a doctor who worked in more than a dozen hospitals and cancer centers, he saw that many of the patients were uninsured and, therefore, couldn’t avail of the necessary treatments. Now retired, his goal is to advocate for quality treatments and medication for all Americans.

The reality is that the quality of care is declining even as the prices of medicines continue to rise.  In the current global health situation with COVID-19, there is an urgent need to make healthcare accessible for every citizen. Dr. Matt Boente understands that many are concerned about their future.  With this, he believes that presidential candidate Joe Biden can implement a version of the Affordable Healthcare Act that is inclusive, especially for low-income individuals.  How then will Biden’s healthcare reform benefit citizens?

The plan, as explained by Dr. Matt Boente, is to have a public option.  This means that there will be an alternative to private insurance that will be made available for individuals seeking coverage under the Affordable Care Act.  This option aims to negotiate the prices with private insurers and to encourage them to provide ways for insurers to save costs that might be used for other essential treatments such as vision and dental care.   Middle-class families that still pay more for their premium will get to save with lower deductibles.  The plans will also be tax-deductible, allowing them to hundreds of dollars per month.   

Aside from making the premium costs affordable, the goal of Joe Biden’s healthcare plan is to help low-income households to be subsidized even with an already existing health insurance provided by their employers. Joe Biden’s plan, Dr. Matt Boente explains, is to enroll these individuals automatically by getting them to sign-up in public schools, food stamps despensories, and other welfare programs. 

Joe Biden’s plan aims to make healthcare affordable, available, and accessible to all regardless of their state’s politics.  By giving individuals options and lower costs, his goal is to lessen the out-of-pocket expenses that might hinder citizens from getting the treatment they deserve. 

Dr. Matt Boente has shared his expertise as an academician and consultant for different pharmaceutical companies and oncology advisory boards.  He is also skilled in clinical research, medical education, healthcare information technology (HIT), and electronic medical records. For more information on affordable care for all Americans, visit this page.


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