Healthcare Professionals for Biden

What Would Repealing the Affordable Care Act During a Pandemic Look Like?

By Dr. Matt Boente. Published on on Nov. 3, 2020 Over the past four years I’ve witnessed more colossal medical debacles emanating from the White House than in all of the previous presidential administrations put together, and I’m 60 years old. I’m also a medical doctor and I am genuinely concerned about the future…
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Dr. Trump, Where Did You Go to Medical School?

By Dr. Matt Boente. Published in Appetite For Profit on Nov. 5, 2020 Despite getting briefed daily from the best doctors and scientists at the NIH and CDC, Donald Trump has made more poor medical decisions than any President in US History. Every day on national TV programs and rallies during the Covid pandemic he…
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Biden will deliver on healthcare

Dying in a Vacuum of Leadership by the Editorial Board of the New England Journal of Medicine

Dr. Boente shares his views on this very important article written by the NEJM editorial board: The NEJM editorial board has never endorsed a political candidate in any election until now, and that candidate is Joe Biden. His other poor medical decisions aside, I don’t think that President Trump has the basic medical knowledge and…
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New York Times Editorial Board Endorses Biden

Dr. Matt Boente has been on the Biden team for year now. He feels that this is a huge endorsement from an editorial board that is second to none and world renowned. “Joe Biden has vowed to be a president for all Americans, even those who do not support him. In previous elections, such a…
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De’ja’ Vu Governors? Covid 4.0?

The time to invent, manufacture, and distribute the Covid-19 vaccines is an unprecedented, truly amazing scientific accomplishment. The Biden administration, now ramping up its efforts administer the vaccine, announced that the US will be delivering 3M shots per day by April 1. The President helped by enacting the Defense Production Act as promised. But don’t…
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Matthew Boente MD: Dr. Fauci, A True American Hero

Published on on Dec. 10, 2020 If President John F. Kennedy were alive today, he would certainly have to write a sequel to his memoir “Profiles in Courage” and include a chapter about the amazing career of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s foremost expert on the corona virus. What many folks don’t know is…
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Why are Russia, Iran and China afraid of Joe Biden?

Dr. Matthew Boente. Published in The Telegraph on October 27, 2020. Since the beginning the President, Russia, Iran, and China have all expressed their disdain for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Let’s start, in no particular order with Russia and Donald Trump’s love affair with Vladimir Putin. The reason as to why the President is soft on…
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On Monday, Trump Updated the Nation on Virus Strategy. By Friday, He Tested Positive. By Annie Karni and Maggie Haberman

Dr. Matt Boente shares this important NYT article regarding the President’s diagnosis of Covid-19. Trump interacted with scores of staff members, donors and supporters this week. Early Friday morning, it was still unclear how many other aides who had come into close contact with him had tested positive. WASHINGTON — On Monday, President Trump updated the nation…
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Trump Faces Uproar Over Reported Remarks Disparaging Fallen Soldiers

Matthew Boente MD shares this important article from the New York Times: WASHINGTON — President Trump confronted a political crisis on Friday that could undercut badly needed support in the military community for his re-election campaign as he sought to dispute a report that he privately referred to American soldiers killed in combat as “losers”…
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Trump, under fire for alleged comments about veterans, has a long history of disparaging military service

Dr. Matt Boente shares this article from the Washington Post: As Donald Trump laid the groundwork in 1999 to run for president as the Reform Party candidate, he made a little-remembered attack on the person he saw as a rival in a possible general election campaign: Republican John McCain. Read more here: