What Would Repealing the Affordable Care Act During a Pandemic Look Like?

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What Would Repealing the Affordable Care Act During a Pandemic Look Like?

By Dr. Matt Boente. Published on allpeers.com on Nov. 3, 2020

Over the past four years I’ve witnessed more colossal medical debacles emanating from the White House than in all of the previous presidential administrations put together, and I’m 60 years old. I’m also a medical doctor and I am genuinely concerned about the future of this country’s healthcare. In addition to striking down the ACA, there are clear signs in Washington that suggest the recent nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, if confirmed will tip SCOTUS to a conservative majority and most certainly will repeal Roe v Wade and a woman’s right to abortion. Do the people of the United States understand the life and death situations that this will create for American women? What’s next repeal same sex marriage, and LGBTQ rights?

As a practicing Catholic and an obstetrician-gynecologist I have witnessed the medical and social atrocities that accompany poor access to healthcare and abortion. I don’t think the country is ready for this and the current administration has no plan moving forward either for replacing the ACA or a path forward for women’s health if Roe v Wade is repealed. Where does she stand on birth control pills, tubal ligation, and in vitro fertilization? I don’t think you’ll like the answer. 

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