The Biden Healthcare Reform: Protecting and building on the Affordable Care Act

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The Biden Healthcare Reform: Protecting and building on the Affordable Care Act

Today, people need more accessible healthcare.  Dr. Matt Boente, a retired physician who has worked as an obstetrician, gynecologist, and gynecologic oncologist, advocates for affordable and quality medical treatments for everyone.  After serving patients for more than 30 years, Dr. Boente shares how Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s healthcare reform plans can benefit the majority of Americans.  This blog highlights how the Biden healthcare reform will protect and build on the existing Affordable Care Act. 

Granting expanded coverage to low-income Americans

Everyone has a right to receive quality healthcare.  According to Dr. Matt Boente, the reality is that a person’s access to medical services depends on a state’s politics.  This leaves millions of Americans unable to get the treatment and medication that they need to improve their quality of life.  In the Biden healthcare reform, the plan is to offer free-premium access to the public option for 4.9 million individuals who are eligible for Medicaid but couldn’t avail the full benefits due to their state’s inaction.  For states that have adopted Medicaid, they can move to the same premium-free public option if their state pays the cost of their coverage.  To identify these individuals who are under below the poverty level, the presidential candidate aims to find a way to automatically enroll these citizens through public schools and other government initiatives to help low-income groups. 

Negotiated prices with service providers

According to Joe Biden supporter Dr. Matt Boente, even middle-class families might find the cost of their health insurance to be too expensive.  Under the healthcare reform, the public option will negotiate prices with service providers to make costs more affordable.  On top of this, families who are considered part of the middle class will have premium tax credits that will help them save hundreds of dollars each month instead of using it for insurance.  This will allow families to have better coverage without expensive deductibles.  The plan is to lower the costs without compromising the quality of care. 

Retired physician Dr. Matt Boente has served in the National Comprehensive Cancer Center-(NCCN) Cervix and endometrial cancer screening task force for two years. Visit this page for updates on Joe Biden’s platform regarding affordable healthcare.


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