Dr. Trump, Where Did You Go to Medical School?

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Dr. Trump, Where Did You Go to Medical School?

By Dr. Matt Boente. Published in Appetite For Profit on Nov. 5, 2020

Despite getting briefed daily from the best doctors and scientists at the NIH and CDC, Donald Trump has made more poor medical decisions than any President in US History. Every day on national TV programs and rallies during the Covid pandemic he has directly lied to the American public and tried to twist or misconstrue every single piece of medical advice he gets his hands on.

There are some very clear examples of his inept medical acumen such as saying that “inhaling Clorox” might be a legitimate way to combat Covid-19.  He lied about the efficacy and safety hydrochloroquin and convalescent plasma and consistently refuses to wear a mask. Another example of his poor understanding of medical science was on display when he dismissed the soldiers injured in the Iranian missile attacks as having mild headaches when in fact they suffered traumatic brain injuries which later in life can cause post-traumatic stress-disorder (PTSD), Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), anxiety, depression, and suicide. The list of his medical blunders goes on. A real doctor would have their medical license revoked for asinine behavior like this.

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