An overview of Joe Biden’s plan to deal with COVID-19

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An overview of Joe Biden’s plan to deal with COVID-19

Dr. Matt Boente offers a brief overview of Joe Biden’s plan to deal with COVID-19.

Former Vice President Joe Biden believes that Americans are struggling with the current global health crisis, and they need to respond.  His plan to combat not just the health but also economic effects of the pandemic includes a strong public health action that provides free testing to as many people as possible, reducing expenses for preventive care and treatment for the virus, developing a viable vaccine as soon as possible, and deploying and operating the supplies, personnel, and facilities needed at this time by fully enacting the Defense Production Act (DPA) which is currently under-utilized by the Trump administration. 

On the economic side, Dr. Matt Boente explains that Biden’s plan involves emergency paid leaves for people affected by the pandemic and other aid to workers, families, and small businesses that are particularly struggling because of the outbreak. 

Biden recognizes the total cost of his plan will be tremendous, but he firmly believes that the country must spend as much as needed, as soon as possible.  He also believes the goal of the federal government should be to quickly protect everyone mentioned above, as well as first responders and essential healthcare personnel. 

A critical point in Biden’s plan, Dr. Matt Boente mentions, is that even as the U.S. responds decisively to the COVID-19 pandemic, it should also be making preparations for the next one.  Preparations will include creating a public health and first responder system that is permanent and sufficiently funded to help protect Americans, though distributing rapid testing capabilities, contact tracing and isolation if needed.

The Biden plan will require the restoration of trust, credibility, and common purpose; the mounting of an emergency response on a country-wide level that effectively protects frontline workers and reduces the spread of COVID-19. The plan also significantly reduces the  costs to prevent and treat COVID-19, and it offers  the deployment of aid to people who are struggling financially because of the crisis.  And on a global level, Dr. Matt Boente mentions the plan includes unifying the world to confront the crisis and preparing for similar events in the future. This will include continued work and financial support to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Dr. Matt Boente has always been intrigued by the rigorous process it takes to become a doctor.  He is also fascinated with other healthcare-related topics like medical economics.  To know more about Dr. Boente, click this link.


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